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The MYB One - Beeswax Food Wrap Set

The MYB One - Beeswax Food Wrap Set

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Keep your counter or fridge abuzz with our signature patterned wraps! The Mind Your Bees One comes in two different sizes:

Small Set Includes: 1 small 8x8 wrap., 1 medium 10x10 wrap, 1 large 13x14 wrap

Large Set Includes: 2 small 8x8 wraps, 2 medium 10x10 wraps, 1 large 13x14 wrap

    Mind Your Bees’ beeswax food wraps have revolutionized zero-waste, eco-friendly food storage.  They are the new kitchen essential.  Our wraps help reduce food and plastic waste in your kitchen, simply: Wrap it. Wash it. Reuse it!

    Made In Canada

    Mind Your Bees beeswax food wraps and bags are made of 5 all natural ingredients: GOTS-certified organic cotton, Canadian beeswax, organic jojoba oil, pine resin, and coconut wax. Visit our Beeswax Wrap FAQ page for more info.

    Care Instructions

    To clean your reusable beeswax food wraps, simply rinse with cool water and use natural dish soap, when needed. To dry, drape it over a plate on your dish rack to let it air dry on both sides, and you’re done! For more detailed instructions see our blog post on How to Clean Beeswax Wraps.

    Size Chart

    See below for common sizes:

    large bag size -  9"h x 7"w

    snack bag size - 8"h x 6.5"w

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