About Us

Hi! I'm Ashley and this is my partner Daniel.

This is our story:

Over the past few years, Mind Your Bees has grown exponentially from where we began, with $50 and an idea.

In 2017, my maternity leave was up and I needed to embrace change since balancing my old life as an events coordinator with being mother to a one year old was impossible. During this time, a friend gifted me a beeswax food wrap which she had lovingly handmade out of an old sheet and my life was changed! Cutting up and preparing food for a one year old made the wrap an essential component of our kitchen. With the wrap, uneaten apple slices and snacks lasted longer which saved me time and patience (which is essential as a working parent).

Desperate for more wraps, I drew on my background in sustainable agriculture and food security to create wrap prototypes with a yard of fabric, some jojoba oil, and a pound of beeswax. Once I had more, I began to share them amongst friends as well as anyone who ordered batch meals from our working chef’s kitchen.

With $50 and a bedsheet, my partner and I began selling Mind Your Bees wraps via Facebook in September, 2017, and then pitched the product to stores and wholesalers in the Hamilton and Toronto area, grassroots style. By the holiday season, Daniel, myself, and two hires were busy bees working on MYB full-time!

We’ve moved production facilities several times; from a tiny apartment, to a basement, our Vine street studio, and now at the historic Hamilton Cotton Factory, MYB has grown but our values have stayed the same. We’re dedicated to reducing food waste and single use plastics, one wrap at a time, and supporting sustainable, small, local businesses. To learn more about our interests, we encourage you to check out our blog and subscribe to the MYB newsletter.

About Mind Your Bees 

Mind Your Bees pioneered beeswax food wraps and offer fun, seasonal, organic prints for every occasion which echo the message that 'green' doesn't have to mean 'boring'. At the same time laying the foundation for beeswax food wraps to be as common place in a modern kitchen as a tea towel. 

Our products are a simple, beautiful, and sustainable food storage solution which allow users and retail customers to decrease household food and single use plastic waste while increasing their positive ecological impact, one wrap at a time. 

Why Beeswax Food Wraps?

Mind Your Bees beeswax food wraps are made of 5 all natural ingredients:

- GOTS-certified organic cotton
- Canadian beeswax
- Pine resin
- Organic jojoba oil
- Coconut wax

Beeswax, pine resin, and jojoba oil all have antimicrobial properties which allow our wraps to actively stave off microbial decomposition while acting as a second skin which lets your food breathe. They not only look and smell beautiful but MYB's beeswax food wraps perform by extending the life of fresh foods while replacing single use plastics in your home. 

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