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Mind Your Bees beeswax wrap


I love this product! I have used it on sandwiches and cheese so far and it kept everything so fresh, far better than plastic wrap... and it’s reusable which is amazing. Very easy to use!

Heidi McColl

Just brilliant. And beautiful. They make food last without plastic waste and they sexy up the fridge! A perfect score 😀

Sharon Bidwell Ricci

Wonderful product and fast shipping and lovely owners. The large wrap holds a very big head of lettuce, the sizes are perfect. They wash up effortlessly and store awesomely. I will recommend these to my friends and family.

Brayden Craddock

Love these wraps!!!!! I got the kitchen essentials and the bread wrap. Love the designs and they work great! Keeps the food fresh, nothing goes to waste. All at a great price point and made locally. Will definitely be a lifelong customer! 

Ashley Knapp Jones

Just have to let folks know that this product works as promised. Easy to use, simple to clean and it really keeps perishables fresh. Great as a Secret Santa or a hostess gift.

Maggie Van Luven

How to Clean Beeswax Wraps

Click and save our cleaning instructions to keep your beeswax wraps lasting longer.

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