Potato Waffle with Chickpea Salad Sandwich Filling (use together or separate)

This easy, affordable, and delicious potato waffle and chickpea salad is a winner! I even suspect a big hit with picky kids (will research later)

 I think this potato waffle would be great as a brunch item to use as a benny base, huevos rancheros, topped with anything as an open faced sandwich or used with your favourite dip. I will be exploring deeper trust me. Potatoes are like black they go with anything 

The humble potato is loaded with vitamin C,B6 and potassium to name a few + at about .75 a portion it's the perfect meal accompaniment for the present. 

Potato waffle 

2-3 russet potatoes sliced in half 

Boiled in heavily salted water

8-12 min until fork tender but not falling apart (potato salad doneness)

Drain and air dry to let some moisture evaporate

2 oz cheese of choice grated (vegan would work)

Seasoning of choice I just added s&p, paprika and garlic powder but you could go OFF

Assemble in waffle maker

1 oz cheese on bottom

Seasoned potato

1 oz cheese on top

Squish and cook for 8-10 min until it's crispy and golden brown.

Crispy potato waffle + creamy chickpea salad make a fantastic combo

Chickpea salad sandwich filling

¼ each diced


Red pepper



Small carrot grated

1 Can of chickpeas drained.

Steps and ingredients dressing:

  1. In med bowl add , 2 tablespoons mayo of choice (vegan would work) 1 tablespoon dijon mustard,1 teaspoon lemon juice + zest, Splash pickle brine, Salt and pepper 
  2. Toss in chickpeas and mash until most are smashed 
  3.  Gently then fold in all the veg

Test seasoning and enjoy.

** would have loved celery + fresh herbs if i had any on hand today**

 I think most recipes are inspo/guidelines so add what you have!

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