MInd Your Bees | Beeswax Twist Tie / Fire Starter

Natural Beeswax Firestarter Bundle

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  • Great for camping: Beeswax fire starters are a perfect way to start your next campfire or next backyard s'mores session.
  • Naturally chemical-free: Never worry about finding a newspaper for your next campfire, beeswax fire starters burn slower and longer without any harsh chemicals.
  • Waterproof: They are a clean option to also use in your wood-burning fire pit.

Each set includes 5 fire starters - Eco-friendly, they can be kept with your camping supplies. Extra-long, keep them as is, or cut them in half.

How to use: Twist each beeswax fire starter and light the end. 

Mind your Bees fire starters are made at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton, Canada.