MYB Classic Kitchen Bag Set

MYB Classic Kitchen Bag Set

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MYB bags are made of the same quality cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and coconut wax as our signature wraps.  The larger is Hx9" Wx7" , snack bags are H 8"X W 6.5" 

Each MYB bag is lovingly hand constructed with a fold over flap which makes them super convenient to fold over and seal.

Use MYB Bags to fill with MYB wrapped snacks for on the go, use to store fresh produce, harvest/garden, ripen avocados, pears, keep fruit flies clear of your fresh picked berries or peaches.

MYB bags are the perfect compliment to our wraps and an essential part of any kitchen

Simply rinse with cool water, air dry, natural dish soap as needed. No heat. No meat